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Elephant Books, Barcelona

Elephant bookstore Barcelona logo

, Spain


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CitySpy said: "A book worms delight. Huge selection of everything by most everybody, hard or soft back. Any topic or tale. 3 euros max for 2nd hand. Rags & Mags. New titles & they will buy/exchange anything that has all it's dog's ears! Even Videos or DVD's. Notice board & an improvised café where the conversation flows like the beer & the wine & the coffee & 'T' & cakes! Oatmeal cookies & chocolate brownies. One small stretch of the legs for a whole lot of a mental hockey."

You can imagine our disappointment after expecting all of the above-mentioned and then finding the bookstore closed. Elephant Books closed its door on the 14th of August 2008 and we discovered this sad fact right after our arrival to the city just two days later. Hopefully this is just a temporary situation since the bookstore is moving to a new location. The website still declares that they're "closed until further notice" but its last update comes from last August. If you have any fresh news about the Elephant English bookstore let us know...

Back in 2002, Elephant actually started as a bookstore specializing only in new books and this lasted for more than a year. Then they decided to respond to the numerous offers of their customers and started building a whole new stock by buying used books from individuals. Through the years, second-hand books have become preeminent in the store's stock and due to a very friendly price policy the second-hand section is also the main attraction for many visitors. It has slowly gained the reputation of the best source of used English titles in the city and since they buy everything (as long as the book is complete and in English) the stock gets refreshed on daily basis.

elephant books barcelonaElephant:
Creu dels Molers 12
08004 Barcelona

elephant bookshop barcelona

Website: http://www.lfant.biz

Phone and Email:
+34 934 430 594

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Lydia said...

Im very sad to know that this excellent bookstore is close and today I phone them but the phone number is not anymore available. It makes me very sad because some years ago I used to go there and I have bought alot of their books, excellent books in fact. Do you have news from them?

Sonja said...

Unfortunately, we also haven't been able to establish contact with the bookstore. It's been quite some time since any changes have been made to their website. Hopefully, they're just having a long break. We'll see, but we'll let everyone know as soon as there's some development.