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Books in Berlin, Berlin

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Where? Berlin, Germany


Courtesy of Gridskipper

Gridskipper said: "Proprietor David Solomon is an American who has lived in Berlin too many years to count. As you browse through his diverse collection, allow him to engage you in his fascinating stories about the "old days" in this illustrious city. He carries both new and used books, ranging from a how-to on fly-fishing to Jonathan Franzen's latest anti-Oprah bestseller. When you're done, browse the neighborhood for cheap eats. There are many hidden treasures."

Books in Berlin has been operating for over 15 years - it opened its door in 1993. The owner, David Solomon started the business by selling books in the Berlin's university quarters in the 1980s, only to open his own bookstore several years later. Today, Books in Berlin functions not only as a bookstore but also as a language school.

Mr. Solomon has, in his words, chosen a business that is far from easy, especially because of the expansion of internet bookstores. However, he has proved himself even more able and sometimes more helpful than any online bookstore. Furthermore, Books in Berlin stocks both US and UK editions, although the owner prefers the US ones. "Books from Britain may have a different cover, size or typeface than the same book from America, and some customers prefer one cover over another," he says. "Some say that the UK books are better quality."

Books in Berlin, near Kurfürstendamm (or Ku'damm) in the western part of Berlin, stocks mostly secondhand books, while some new editions can also be found on the selves. The bookstore primarily stocks American and British literature and you can also trade your books for the ones in the store. Furthermore, special orders are available. The bookstore also holds various reading by local writers, poets and even political figures.
Books in Berlin bookstoreBooks in BerlinAddress:
Goethestrasse 69
10625 Berlin


Phone and Email:
(030) 31 31 233

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 12-20
Sat 10-16

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