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The Watergate Bookshop, Barcelona

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Where? Barcelona, Spain

August 2008
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If you wish to visit The Watergate Bookshop in Barcelona, we recommend you plan carefully. We've walked twice by its closed doors before finally managing to be in the area during its limited working hours. For a few days, this bookstore has remained a mystery for us. We found this rather suiting, as the bookstore bears the name of probably the most famous political scandal in the history of US politics, which still raises some unanswered questions even more than thirty years later. We were mostly intrigued by the name of this bookstore, and eager to see what kind of stock we would find inside.

The Watergate Bookshop isn't big in size, but its specific stock will surely keep you looking around for a long time. Many of the books are not kept in usual bookshelves, but are displayed around the walls of the bookstore instead, so you can see all the covers right away. The books on offer can be divided into several categories: art (street art, photography, contemporary art, graphic design, illustrations, body art, especially tattoos), music (mostly books on more alternative bands and solo artists), but also politics, media studies and critical cultural studies (lots of titles dealing with conspiracy theories, anarchism, revolutionary worldviews and other not so common topics). Although The Watergate Bookshop is not exclusively English, the majority of the titles are in the English language. All of the books are new and are offered at regular catalog prices. However, books are just one part of what this unusual bookstore has to offer - comic books, figurines (please, don't call them toys, for genuine collectors may find themselves offended...), T-shirts of your favorite comic or cartoon characters, fanzines, postcards or badges, etc.

The Watergate Bookshop is located in a small but very lively square near the famous La Rambla or Plaza Catalunya. The bookstore itself is hidden under the stone archway on one side of the square. They even made a short welcoming video which can be found here. After visiting this bookstore we were left with the impression that its owner created a bookstore, where he could display and offer all the books and items that he himself likes the best. We think that that's a really cool thing to do, and we're sure that many others will like his taste as well...

the watergate bookshop barcelonaThe Watergate Bookshop
Pl. Vicenc Martorell, 2
08001 Barcelonawatergate bookshop barcelona


Phone and Email:

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 17-21

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Anonymous said...

You better say "Plaça Catalunya", and "Vicenç" in the addresses. Using the Spanish names looks like naming with "Catalonia Square". :)