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Bergli Bookshop, Basel

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Basel, Switzerland

Recommended by:
Martin Hirsch from Basel

Martin said: "All I ask of any city I live in is a few cozy cafés, some nice restaurants, a good record shop and a book store that feels like a second home. As an expat New Yorker living in Switzerland, I've found the latter in my adopted home of Basel, where Bergli Books quickly became a regular stop on my Saturday jaunts through town. It has a homeyness and hospitality that I've always found wanting at the larger English bookstore a few blocks away. And despite its miniature dimensions it houses a wonderful, well-organized and diverse selection of the latest novels and nonfiction from America and around the world, along with classics, self-help and language books and everything you could ever want to know about Switzerland. And if they don't have it, they'll order it, in a flash. Anything I've ever sought, from Paul Auster to Elmore Leonard, Philip Roth to Italo Svevo - Bergli's proprietress Dianne Dicks or her staff have found for me on the shop's shelves or quickly looked up online and had in my hands within a few days to a couple of weeks for really difficult-to-find selections. Add to that the shop's extraordinary calendar of special events - book discussions, writers' evenings and poetry readings - and you've got much more than a book shop: you've got a little cathedral of enrichment in the middle of a quaint, central European city. Basel may not have a decent record shop, but I hope it always has Bergli."

The name Bergli is associated with the publishing house Bergli Books and the independent bookstore Bergli Bookshop. Both of these institutions were founded by Dianne Dicks, an expat living in Switzerland, and the story behind it is definitely an inspiring one. As Dianne was unable to find a publisher for her collection of stories about life in Switzerland entitled Ticking Along with the Swiss, she decided to take matters into her own hands and in 1990 she founded her own small publishing house - Bergli Books. Even today, the titles published at Bergli are focused on the specifics of the Swiss way of life. Twelve years later, in 2002, Bergli became involved in selling books as well. Bergli Bookshop in the very center of Basel at the Rümelinsplatz has slowly become known as a place which offers a pleasing collection of English titles but also a very diverse selection of (mostly) book-related events - just to illustrate, we even found a report describing a whiskey tasting evening held at Bergli.

Bergli can be translated from German as a "little mountain" and this little mountain of English language literature surrounded by the tall peaks of the Swiss Alps deserves to be noticed. Whether you're a Swiss native wishing to perfect your English skills, an expat keen on staying in touch with the latest events on the English language literary or someone eager to find out more about Swiss culture, cuisine or even humor, if you pick the Bergli Bookshop as your starting point, you certainly won't be disappointed.

bergli books basel insideBergli Bookshop
Rümelinsplatz 19
CH-4001 Basel
bergli bookshop basel


Phone and Email:
+41 61 373 27 77

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 18:30
Sat 9-17

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