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Woeste Willem, Aalst

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Aalst, Belgium

Recommended by
Joke Koole-Guns

Joke said: "In Aalst you can find Woeste Willem, a bookstore with 80% books for children, teenagers and adolescents. The other 20% is for adults. You can also find English books (picture books but also easy readers, novels...) here. Also (in) Swedish and French"

This addition to Bookstore Guide carries the name of a funny, grumpy pirate by the name of Woeste Willem - a character created by Ingrid and Dieter Schubert, a husband and wife, authors of various award-winning picture books for children. Ingrid and Dieter were born in Germany but later moved to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, where they stayed, inventing many books which were to enrich the imagination of numerous children. Their books are now available in over 20 world languages. In Woeste Willem, the bookstore, you can buy books on the character and get to know him a bit better.

Woeste Willem is located in Aalast of the Flemish province of East Flanders. Seems like the Flemish part of Belgium is rich in children's bookstores - perhaps you remember reading about another specialized children's bookstore by the name of Treasure Trove, a couple of kilometers away from Brussels. Woeste Willem, as the owners say, is more than just a store. It's a literary paradise for children - here you can find the world's most popular and also those hard to find picture books, exciting adventure stories, youth novels for those interested in exploring a bit more demanding world of fiction, as well as books in all shapes and sizes for kids aged zero to infinity. Woeste Willem also stocks various quality merchandising, such as known toy characters from children's cartoons.

Besides books in Flemish (i.e. Dutch) and English, one can also find various books in Swedish, French and, recently, even in Turkish and Arabic. In the culturally varied Belgium, this bookstore is surely a necessary stop for the little ones and their parents.

Woeste Willem children bookshopWoeste Willem
Pontstraat 4
9300 Aalst

Woeste Willem bookstore


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Working Hours:
Tue-Fri 9-12:30 13:30-18
Sat 9-18

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