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Nijhof & Lee, Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Kyoko Kaneta

Bookstores focused on one specific subject of interest or literary genre as opposed to bookstores offering a general stock always had our respect. The more obscure the specialization is, the more interesting it is for us to follow the story of such a bookstore and to imagine its regular customers. Specialized bookstores often create special bonds based on the passion shared by the owner and the customers. In the case of Amsterdam's Nijhof & Lee, the uniting element is art, especially in the 2D version (fine art, graphic design, typography, posters, exhibition catalogs, photography etc.) but also architecture.

Nijhof & Lee bookstore was founded back in 1988 by Frank Nijhof and Warren Lee with the intention to provide the visitors with hard to find antiquarian art books as well as with fresh releases focused on art related topics. The bookstore can be found in the center of Amsterdam in Staalstraat, a street with a rich history and several high-quality specialized shops. During more than two decades they managed to compile a collection which attracts art aficionados from near and far. In fact, many people rank Nijhof & Lee among the best bookstores in its category worldwide.

The stock of the bookstore is international with a considerable amount of titles in the English language. As we already mentioned, the bookstore offers new titles, but also used books and even out of print antiquarian books. Graphic design and typography are probably the sections the bookstore is the most famous for. As you can see in one of our images below, the art and technique of typography even has its own section in the bookstore. We should also mention one of the special treats available for dedicated collectors - a selection of original rare posters from the post WW2 era. Needless to stress, Nijhof & Lee is the right place to go if you're searching for anything connected to Dutch graphic design.

nijhof and lee bookstoreNijhof & Lee
Staalstraat 13a
1011 JK Amsterdam
nijhof and lee amsterdam


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Tue-Sat 10-18
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