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Dialogue Books, Berlin

Dialogue Books Berlin logo

Berlin, Germany

[CLOSED in 2016]

Recommended by:
Amanda (http://www.readux.net)

Amanda said: "Dialogue Books is a cozy gem on the lively border of Kreuzberg and Neukölln. The carefully curated selection makes for great browsing, the atmosphere is smart and contemporary but warm. Dialogue has a very worldly international literature assortment and a cultivated array of nonfiction. Compact, thoughtfully stocked, go here when you want to peruse without being overwhelmed."

A rather fresh addition to the already packed Anglo-bookstore scene in Berlin surely can't go unnoticed. It goes by the name Dialogue Books and it was opened in December 2009. Although the bookshop is new, the people behind it are no rookies in the book trade. On the contrary, the owner, a London expat Sharmaine Reid decided to profit from her experience in publishing and bookselling and thus, she opened Dialogue Books, as the first English-language bookstore in the city specialized exclusively in new books. Through its website, Dialogue Books also offers services of its own Book Doctor. So if you're not feeling your best, you will receive a prescription consisting of a personalized reading list, or even a complete home library, which should help you get back on track.

First working in a second-hand bookstall, then moving on to Foyles, Waterstone's, in order to end up in her London favorite - the London Review Bookshop, Sharmaine had a clear idea of what her ideal bookshop should be like and she set her goals to realize this vision in Germany's capital. Her idea of a 'boutique' shop with a smaller but hand-picked stock that would inspire and stimulate conversations and a café that would offer the proper setting for the conversations to continue required a specific space, which she finally found in Berlin. Numerous literary events and the mentioned Book Doctor service were the remaining aspects that made the Dialogue Bookshop complete.

The stock of the bookstore is intentionally limited to some 3000 titles in diverse categories. The fiction section is naturally strong in native English writers, ranging from cult classics to new fiction, but it's equally rich in translations of authors from all over the world. When it comes to non-fiction, you can find philosophy (supposedly the best place in Germany when you're searching for English translations of French philosophers), politics, history, art, as well as cooking.

dialogue books berlinDialogue Books
Schönleinstraße 31
10967 Berlin
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Website: http://www.dialoguebooks.org

Phone and Email:
030 627 35 111

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