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Hello! We are Sonja and Ivan. And this is our Bookstore Guide - an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe. We hope this Guide will help you find the book(stores) you are looking for.

Offside Books, Madrid

Where? Madrid, Spain

Recommended by Mark Nessfield

Mark said: "Offside Madrid, a new international bookshop has recently opened in central Madrid near Plaza Santo Domingo. The bookshop's specialisation is in history, crime, football, and politics. So if you're into books on La Liga,  or want to find out more on the Spanish civil war, or even pick up books on international crime, then head for Offside Books in Madrid."

Offside Books (a.k.a. Offside Libreria) is a new international bookstore in Madrid, opened six days a week (Mon-Sat). You can find it close to plaza Santo Domingo, a few minutes away from Plaza de Espana, the royal Palace and metro Opera. It's is owned by an Englishman that goes by the name of Mark.
The bookstore specializes in football (yes, you've read it correctly, after all, the owner is British), crime, history and politics. Both new and used (bargains starting with as low as one euro), mostly English but also Spanish and German. Furthermore, there is a wide range in crime/thrillers we have a selection of modern classics (eg Orwell and Hemingway), posters and political-themed books. You can also trade books.

Offside Books
Address: Calle Torija 8
Madrid 28013


Phone and Email:
email via form on website

Working Hours:

Mon-Sat 11-21

The Albion Beatnik, Oxford

Where? Oxford, England, UK

Recommeded by Mariela

Mariela said: "The reason I am writing is the my other beloved bookshop, Albion Beatnik from Oxford, one of the few places where you  can find such a good selection of books, including European and international writers (all in English). Nice jazz music and a good cup of tea may help people decide what they want to buy. It opens at 11 and I never know when it closes but there are jazz concerts or poetry readings quite often in the evening.

I hope you come and see it for yourself one day. This is a real bookshop. It could serve as a synonym to bookshop in the Oxford dictionary."

Every once in a while, a recommendation like this leaves us with a smile on our faces. It is nice to see how one person can love a bookstore and this feeling is certainly familiar with many of us, who consider ourselves books(tore) fanatics.

The Albion Beatnik is an independent bookshop located in Jericho, Oxford. The bookstore/cafe offers a diverse collection of titles ranging from American pulp, film theory, jazz (which usually accompanies your audio experience in the store) to Beatnik poetry and other counter-culture stuff. It also  offers tea, coffee and cake.

The Albion Beatnik also regularly hosts many concerts, poetry readings, talks and debates. Apparently, there's even a basement where bands rehears and reading groups meet. The bookstore also has an anti-wifi policy, so don't expect you laptop to connect to anything.

Albion Beatnik Bookstore
34 Walton Street
OX2 6AU Oxford

Website: http://albionbeatnikbookstore.blogspot.co.uk/

Phone and Email:
07737 876213

Working Hours:
Mon-Tue: 11-20
Wed-Sat: 11-23
Sun: 14-17

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De Dry Coppen, Leuven

Where? Leuven, Belgium

Recommended by An Wouters

An said: "Can I add one great store in Belgium, Leuven? It is called De Dry Coppen, and is situated in a charming historic building in a narrow, cobbled street of Leuven, the University City of the Flemish part of Belgium. It is quite and cozy there and you can sip a cup of coffee or drink a glass of wine, while reading the newspaper, your newest book or lingering by the bookshelves, full of classics or new books. Check it out for yourself, if one day you will visit Belgium.
Ed and Katlijne are the owners, they seem to have read every book and can give you all the advice you need. We are enthusiastic booklovers, and “de Dry Coppen” is our weekly rendez-vous."

De Dry Coppen is situated in one of the side streets in the center of Leuven, near the main shopping street. It mostly stocks books in Dutch but English language books are not foreign here. The city of Leuven has quite a large number of foreign students who also love to browse here.

Praised not only for books but also their coffee (make sure you try their double Mexican espresso, which seems to be the most popular choice of most of the bookstore's visitors), De Dry Coppen is one of those bookstores where you can just simply relax, sit at a table, browse through books before buying them or simply sit in the relaxed atmosphere of this book heaven. In the summer, tables are put outside so you can enjoy your drink basking in the sun. This perfect fusion that always works for us (i.e. bookstore and coffeshop) has certainly established a firm place within the community of young people and students of Leuven. Their Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/DeDryCoppen

De Dry Coppen
Schrijnmakersstraat 11
3000 Leuven

Website:  www.dedrycoppen.be

Phone and Email:
016 23 03 05

Working Hours:
Tue-Sat 10-19
Mon 14-19

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