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Hello! We are Sonja and Ivan. And this is our Bookstore Guide - an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe. We hope this Guide will help you find the book(stores) you are looking for.

Curious Fox, Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Recommended by:

Curious Fox was founded by Orla and David, both originally from Ireland. Besides their passion for books they also appreciate a decent cup of tea. Curious Fox was opened in November 2013 and it has found its perfect home in the Flughafenstrasse of Berlin Neukölln. In its rather short existence it has already managed to establish itself not just for its literary taste but also as an evening hangout spot for all sorts of literary aficionados. Their most popular evening event is a poetry reading session entitled “Isn't Everything Poetry?” which features readings by guest poets as well as an open mic section open to any aspiring poet who shows up. They also organize regular quiz nights, or a bring-your-own vinyl evening called “Guinness, Books & Records”.

The stock consists of new and used books in English, they also carry stationery and book related accessories. The offer is not specialized in any particular genre or subject and its variety should satisfy avid bestseller readers as well as those looking for hard to get and lesser known bookish gems. And if your browsing takes a while, you can also enjoy a mug of freshly ground coffee or a cup of tea and cookies.

Curious Fox Berlin shopfront
Curious Fox
Address: Flughafenstr. 22
12053 Berlin

Website: www.curiousfox.de

Phone and Email:
+49(0)30 52664791

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 10-19

Desperate Literature, Madrid

Where? Madrid, Spain

Recommended by: Craig

Craig said: "Desperate Literature is a new International bookshop in Madrid, Spain and it is located in the space that used to be Petra's Book Store, which I believe had also been listed on your site.

Along with the very best collection of used English books in the city, the shop also carries a large selection of quality books in Spanish, French and a variety of other languages. With a focus on fiction, poetry, noir, sci-fi and belles-lettres, the store also maintains sections (in our three major languages) in philosophy, history, art, science, sociology, film, music and eastern religion.  Of course, we also have a children’s section for young readers looking to further explore their mother tongue or learn a new one.

Desperate Literature strives to be a space where good literature serves as a vehicle for dynamic cultural, linguistic and social exchange between Madrilenos, extranjeros and travellers from around the world. In this spirit we look forward to hosting readings, meetings, gallery shows, lectures, and more."

Desperate Literature is a joint project between Craig Walzer of Atlantis Books in Santorini, GRE and Corey Eastwood, the owner of Book Thug Nation and Human Relations in Brooklyn, USA. How cool, right? Make sure you pay a visit if in Madrid. Oh, and they're closed during the siesta :-)

Desperate Literature
C/Campomanes, 13

Website: http://desperateliterature.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/desperateliteraturemadrid

Phone and Email:
+34 911 88 80 89.
Working Hours:
Daily 10:30-14:30
and 17:30-22:30

Dekker van de Vegt, Nijmegen

Dekker van de Vegt logo

Where? Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Recommended by
Anne Hallmann

Anne said: "I came across your excellent website today, and naturally I checked out the post on the city I live in, Nijmegen. To my surprise, there was no entry with my favorite bookstore in Nijmegen, namely Dekker van de Vegt. This bookstore has been in Nijmegen for decades, and has been located in the Marikenstraat since 2000. In 2013, the store chains Selexyz (of which this store was a part) and De Slegte (a chain of secondhand bookshops in The Netherlands and Belgium) fused and became Polare. 24 February 2014, Polare went bankrupt, and every separate store in the Netherlands tried to become an independent bookstore again. Some stores have had to close up, others were taken over by other bookstores, and others (among which was the bookstore in Nijmegen) were able to start over through crowdfunding.

In less than a week, they were able to achieve their goal of 150.000 euros. On April 1st 2014 they reopened, this time as the independent Nijmegen bookstore "Dekker van de Vegt", returning to its original name. Although it has had different names because of the fusions in the past, most people in this area have never stopped calling the store by this name. Being free from the pressure of being in a chain of bookstores, they were now able to focus on what they felt was important. The store is large, with an open and modern look, which encourages you to wander slowly through the whole store. The staff is friendly, but not pushy, it looks nice, inviting and open, and has a very wide selection. It has many different sorts of books: Dutch literature, crime, fantasy etc, travel books, English literature, English crime, English fantasy, study books of all kinds (Nijmegen is a university city after all), cook books, crafts books, sports books, books on art and photography, children's books, comic books - you name it, and they have it. Moreover, in the back of the store, they've got secondhand books, in all the aforementioned sections. In the back of the store, there is also a coffee corner.

Also, for a tourist or visitor of Nijmegen, this is definitely the best book store to go to. The section with English-language fiction and non-fiction is relatively large: they are always well stocked on classics as well as the newest books."

Dekker van de Vegt Nijmegen
 Dekker van de Vegt
Address: Marikenstraat 29
6511 PX Nijmegen

Website: http://www.dekkervdvegt.nl

Phone and Email:
+31 24 302 0130
Working Hours:

Mon 11-18
Tue-Wed 9:30-18
Thu 9:30-21
Fri-Sat 9:30-18