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Hello! We are Sonja and Ivan. And this is our Bookstore Guide - an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe. We hope this Guide will help you find the book(stores) you are looking for. Unfortunately, the bookstores are no longer uploaded and may be out of date


Adding a new dimension to the contents of our Guide has been on our minds for quite some time. This would enable us to encompass a whole new spectrum of topics and issues and, most importantly, fulfill our ambition to write about a wide array of book-related subjects. Our ultimate aim is to bring you articles, which will capture your interest and stimulate you to react. We are also planning to deal with some topics belonging to more controversial categories and we really hope that you will share your opinions with us and the other readers in the related discussions. Feedback and debate is what we're looking for, and we'd be glad if you would comment, give arguments, disagree and participate in generating some interesting exchanges of views.Here, you will find the list of our articles, which we intend to keep growing:

The Story Behind Books and Records
(May 2013)

Bookstore Guide Turns 5...
(September 2012)

Automatic Style Generator for Blurbs
(May 2012)

The Publisher’s Role in the Emerging eBook Market
(October 2011)

eBooks – A Risk or an Opportunity
(September 2011)

Literaturhaus: Books, Words and Much Much More
(October 2010)

The Indie Bookstore: How to Expand Your Influence and Become an Integral Part of Your Community
(May 2010)

An Interview with an Antiquarian Bookseller: The Caretaker

(September 2009)

Independent Booksellers: What Can Be Done to Help?
(September 2009)

Chain Bookstores: The Rise, Struggle and Downfall?
(August 2009)

Independent Booksellers and the Fixed Book Price: a Horror Story?
(July 2009)

Independent Bookstores in Danger of Extinction - Who is to Blame?
(July 2009)

An Insight into the Current State of Independent Bookselling – An Introduction
(June 2009)

European Book Fairs
(April 2009)

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