About The Guide

Hello! We are Sonja and Ivan. And this is our Bookstore Guide - an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe. We hope this Guide will help you find the book(stores) you are looking for. Unfortunately, the bookstores are no longer uploaded and may be out of date

Your Contribution

Since our team of two does not possess a Swiss bank account nor a private jet, it is rather difficult for us to compile this guide without your help. Unless some of you can provide us with a previously mentioned bank account or the jet..

Jokes aside, we are still in the need of your help - a little less demanding one. The success of this project very much depends on your contributions. Therefore, we kindly ask of you to recommend us bookstores that you feel are worthy of our guide. This way, you as well can help other travelers and book lovers on the road.

What do we mean by this? Should you happen to know bookstores of such kind, send us an email, telling us a bit about the store (adding your own 'personal feel') and we'll do our best to make the bookstore appear on the site.

Please note that we are only focusing on bookstores throughout Europe. Also, we would like to point out that all the bookstores you recommend should contain books in English.

Our email is: bookstoreguide@gmail.com


If you happen to visit any of the bookstores listed on our site, feel free to post a comment and share your personal opinion on the bookstore with the others. You can also use this space to list the most interesting titles along with their price, that you managed to find in the given store - your personal "best buys".

Thank you!