About The Guide

Hello! We are Sonja and Ivan. And this is our Bookstore Guide - an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe. We hope this Guide will help you find the book(stores) you are looking for. Unfortunately, the bookstores are no longer uploaded and may be out of date



A miscellaneous bookish blog. Make sure you check out the section Bookshops, where a different independent bookstore is added each month.

Lost in Place
A blog run by Kelly Amabile - mostly a bookish blog but also a mixture of a travel blog, even a cooking blog and so much much more than that. Kelly shares her personal experiences with the readers. A very interesting read.

11th Floor Books
Our other project - 11th Floor Books - is an independent online bookstore specialized in used English books. Our aim is to offer a quality selection of fiction and non-fiction titles in English at affordable prices in Slovakia and to create a communication platform for English readers. 11th Floor Books - a bookstore with a view...

A bookish blog written by a true bibliophile, Kim, from Amsterdam. It aims to inform fellow book lovers on various book related subjects, such as writers, books, bookstores, book friendly furniture, etc.

A great website helping independent bookstores and booksellers on the Internet by providing various online services.

We Compare Books
A comparison site - helps you get the best prices on books. It compares the prices of some of the largest online bookstores, such as Amazon.
Sheila Markham has managed to gather an impressive collection of interviews with different people closely related to the book culture while working for Bookdealer since 1991. The interviews were published as a book, but many of them can be read online.

Readux is a Berlin-based literary website with reviews, interviews, articles, and opinion on German and French books and events. It is a precious source of English-language information by people engaged in local book culture.

Rhosneigr Publishing
Small independent publisher of the "Rhosneigr Then & Now" series, focusing on local history books from the Rhosneigr village, situated on the west coast of Anglesey, North Wales.


The world travel blog - a very urban and cool place to find out some alternative things to do all over the world. Main focus on the United States but also on various European and Asian cities.

Hg2 (A Hedonist Guide)
An interesting city guide for more decadent travelers. It covers a large number of European cities, together with a few from around the world. The guides are available online via membership and also as books. There is a two week trial period.

A very useful travel blog with news, stories, best deals and many tips.

Writing Travellers
A site where you're encouraged to write your own guidebook. Once published and collected, they come out in a printed edition. Provides information on places around the globe.

City Spy
Mr. Gordonsky's City Spy maps of Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, Prague and many more. All the maps come with various useful tips, places to shop, eat, etc.

Tales from a Small Planet
Tales Mag is an expat literary magazine with firsthand "Real Post Reports" on cities in Europe and around the world (non-profit, requires free registration).


Expat Blog
A project made by expatriates - for expatriated. Its goal is to help people living abroad by making expats share their ideas and experiences. Very useful and interesting.

Expat Women
This website aims to help all the expatriate women living overseas. A very useful resource. Also contains real life stories of experiences of many women.


Beth Arnold
Blog of an award winning journalist who currently lives in Paris and writes about culture, politics, travel and life in general.

Your Shelves!
A project of Kimbooktu.com where you are encouraged to take photos of your shelves for public display. Very interesting website.