About The Guide

Hello! We are Sonja and Ivan. And this is our Bookstore Guide - an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe. We hope this Guide will help you find the book(stores) you are looking for. Unfortunately, the bookstores are no longer uploaded and may be out of date

About Us

Bookstore Guide is a non-profit organization with an aim to list independent bookstores throughout Europe, carrying at least a certain amount of books in English. To find out more about us and the Guide itself, check out our FAQ.

Contents of Bookstore Guide

List of bookstores
The main purpose of Bookstore Guide is and remains unaltered. The right sidebar is where you can find the list of cities for which we currently list at least one bookstore.

Bookstore Guide on the Road
This section of the Guide contains our bookstore related impressions from our many trips around Europe. Each report is an attempt to present our view of the local anglophone bookstore scene in the given city.

Top 5s
As the name suggests, Top 5s represent (ranked) lists of European bookstores included in our Guide, sorted by different categories (either invented by BSG team or suggested by our readers). Note that these lists are based on our own subjective opinions and thus comments are more than desirable.

The latest section to be added to our Guide is an attempt to widen our scope to more general book-related subjects. We would like to explore several topics in more depth and we hope that these articles will inspire you to participate in the related discussions.