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Hello! We are Sonja and Ivan. And this is our Bookstore Guide - an amateur guide to book shopping throughout Europe. We hope this Guide will help you find the book(stores) you are looking for. Unfortunately, the bookstores are no longer uploaded and may be out of date

Buybook, Sarajevo

Buybook bookstore Sarajevo logo
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visited: August, 2007

We randomly found one Buybook bookstore in Mostar and were surprised to see the selection of English books laid on the shelves. Being born in Yugoslavia, it was more than delightful to see many titles by former Yugoslavian writers translated into the English language. A couple of days later, we stumbled upon two shops of the same kind in Bosnia's capital, Sarajevo. To no one's surprise, the selection of titles in English in Sarajevo is, by far, larger than the one in Mostar. Buybook offers various fiction and non-fiction books, technical books, travel books, magazines and CDs. Besides the English selection, there is a considerable amount of Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian books - thus making Buybook a meeting point from the past where many negative things seem forgotten. Most of the prices are at standard book prices. There is also a café that accompanies each of these bookstores in Sarajevo.

In December 1996, two writers from Sarajevo (Goran Samardzic and Damir Uzunovic) started selling books from the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. They had opened a bookshop in Radićeva Street - in a space of some 100 square meters. The idea behind Buybook was to establish a bookstore which would offer books from what once was a common country for the people of Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia - and the fact that the language spoken in these countries has always been very similar was just one more factor which contributed to the making of this bookstore. Furthermore, the idea was to expand the readers' horizons by introducing English language books into the regular offer, thus making it easier for the people to get a hold of any title in a foreign language.

Over a decade later, Buybook has established itself as a cultural center - a bookstore, a CD shop, café, gallery, publishing house and a distributor of books which specializes in art, books for children, coffee & tea shop. It's a place to promote books, a place where you can meet prominent Bosnian writers, poets, artists, teachers, directors - of all generations.

Website: http://www.buybook.ba/

Email: info@buybook.ba

Buybook bookstore Sarajevobookstore & café buybook:
Radićeva 4
71000 Sarajevo

+387 33 71 64 50

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 9-22
Sunday 10-18

Art buybook and café:
Zelenih beretki 8
71000 Sarajevo

Phone:+387 33 71 20 10

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 9-23
Sunday 10-18

buybook and café Karabit (Mostar):
Onešćukova 24
88000 Mostar
Phone: +387 36 55 88 10

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 9-21
Sunday 10-14

Extra Information
Buybook offers a 10% dicount for ISIC, ITIC and IYTC card holders.

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