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Compendium Bookshop, Athens

Athens, Greece

July, 2007

On an another random stroll in the ancient city of Athens, we found ourselves in front of a bookstore that seemed like any other of its kind. But we were wrong! This fine bookstore sells both new and used fiction and nonfiction in English, plus magazines and maps. As we learned, local writers sometimes hold readings here. We arrived short before the closing hour, but the staff was kind enough to give us a few extra minutes to browse. In the very back part of the store, there is an impressive second-hand collection of books in the English language, with most of it being romance novels but there is surely a good read to be found among them - at least we had found one. The whole second hand section is kind of hidden in the back, the shelves with the books skirt a stairway which leads to the dark underground part of the store, which creates a specific atmosphere for your search.

Compendium bookstore, which many consider heaven for ex-pats, carries travel books, books on Greece, academic books, used books, magazines and maps. The bookstore has moved from their old location in 28 Nikis street, so make sure you check out their new location on the corner of Nikodimou and Nikis street neat Syntagma. Although their stock of new books is larger than their secondhand one, thorough browsing in the back can surely pay off.

Compendium Bookshop established itself as a regular and quite popular meeting place of book lovers with frequent and regular book meetings and various book readings. In their own words, Compendium holds the taste of a bookshop and the touch of a library.

[PLEASE NOTE] Compendium Bookshop has moved from 5 Nikodimou Street to Alikarnasou 6. For more info, check out the map at the bottom.

Compendium AthensCompendium Bookshop:
Alikarnasou 8
10444, Athens
Compendium Bookshop Athens


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/compendium.gr/

Phone and Email:
210 322 1248

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 9-17
Sat 10-15

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Ivan said...

in August 2007:
Yalom, I.D. - The Schopenhauer Cure /4€/

mickD said...

Sadly, Compendium is another victim of the Greek/Euro crisis. It has closed its doors.

Sonja said...

We got in touch with them - they just moved. For the info, check out the new map and the new address.

Unknown said...

Compendium is still open and has a new eshop where you can buy all your foreign books.