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Red Bus Bookstore, Budapest

Red Bus Bookstore Logo

Where? Budapest, Hungary


Visited: June 2007
(Read more on Red Bus Bookstore in our Report from Budapest)

This amazing second hand English bookstore, which is a part of the Red Bus Hostel, became our regular stop on our rather frequent visits to Budapest. We were stunned by the vast collection of books at more than reasonable prices. Come to think of it, most of the books are sold at unbelievably low prices in this bookaholic paradise. Most of the books cost around 4€, but selected titles are offered for 2€ and there are practically no titles for more than 5€. The selection of fiction is really wide and of a high quality, which is not that usual for second hand bookstores. Interesting titles can be found among the non-fiction books as well, the topics covered include psychology, business, biographies, politics, history, sports, humor, teaching materials and others.

Two important pieces of advice for those of you who will have an opportunity to check this place out personally. Be sure to bring along a big bag, because this is one of the rare places, where you can actually talk of a book shopping spree, without having to worry about ruining your monthly budget. The circulation of books in this place is exceptional as well, so it pays off to come back much more often than it's usual for other second hand bookstores.

Opened in April 2001, the Red Bus Bookshop is located in the very center of Budapest on Semmelweis street, close to Deak Ferenc Square metro station. The shop has thousands of second hand English books: fiction, classics, children books, non-fiction, books on war, crime, politics, history, travel, science fiction, travel, religion, cooking, education, language, sport, etc. The bookstore also buys all types of books for a third of their selling price.

Red Bus Bookstore BudapestRed Bus Bookstore:
V. Budapest.
Semmelweis utca 14


Phone and Email:
+36 (06)1 - 337 7453

Working Hours:

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Ivan said...

in August 2007:
Eco, U. - Foucault's Pendulum /4€/
Gaarder, J. - The Solitaire Mystery /3,5€/
Pierre, DBC - Vernon God Little /2,9€/
Tocquevile, A. de - Democracy in America (both volumes) /4€/

Sonja said...

June and August 2007:

DeLillo, Don - Underworld(4€)
Martel, Yann - Life of Pi(5€)
Burgess, Anthony - The Devil's Mode(2.8€)
Atwood, Margaret - The Blind Assasin (4.5€)
McEwan, Ian - Atonement(4€)

Ivan said...

February 2008:
Dylan, Bob - Chronicles Vol. I (4,5€)
Smith, Zadie - The Autograph Man (4,5€)

Sonja said...

February 2008:

Roy, Arundhati - The God of Small Things (2.8€)

Unknown said...

I went there last August as well and bought around 6 books. Great place indeed, I can't wait for my next visit to Budapest, hopefully this spring :)

Viki said...

They say on their website that they buy your second hand books. Well, I have some books that I don't need any more and went to the shop. I asked the guy in the shop if they still bought second hand books. He said not at the moment. Then I wrote an e-mail enquiring about them buying second-hand books from customers. They didn't bother to reply. So we could say they lie. If they don't buy second-hand books, then they shouldn't say it on their website.
What is more, the shop is too small, if you are looking for big names, it isn't worth going there.
I don't recommend this shop.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I was there on November 14th 2014 and it was closed. Seems to have been closed for a while too. There was two book laying on the floor and some chairs. To bad, I went to some trouble to get there and didn't have time to visit the other on your list. Maybe next time. Thank's for your blog, it's great.

Sonja said...

It seems Red Bus closed a couple of months ago. Such a shame!!!! We'll update the post, thanks.