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Behemot Bookshop, Ljubljana

Where? Ljubljana, Slovenia

Recommended by
Vuk Cosic
Visited: January 2009
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Vuk said: "Behemot is my favorite place in Ljubljana. It's a privately owned small place that looks like you've visited someone's home. They carry only English books and you can get all of the latest stuff recommended at Boingboing, Kottke and other true book lover places."

Situated in a one of the streets in Ljubljana's old town, Behemot is the first English language bookstore in Ljubljana and offers carefully selected books about history, philosophy, mythology, but also esoteric literature and Eastern Thoughts. Here, You will also find books for professionals in film theater, music and art; fiction and books for children. Publisher's sale books are available for a bagrin price. All this, in the lovely city of Ljubljana, in a picturesque and friendly atmosphere created by its owner Dean: the oriental carpet, the books neatly situated on the old wooden shelves with a display of books in the middle, the cave-like walls, etc.

Behemot Bookshop opened on the 4th of November 2005. They are an independent bookshop specializing in quality books in English and there are about 2000 carefully selected titles on their shelves. Behemot stocks mostly new books but it also has a section where discounted books can be found. They try to choose the most important and the most beautiful books in a rather wide range of subjects. However, if you are looking for a book that is not on their shelves, you can order it for you at no extra charge. As long as it is English, they can get it for you and the delivery is quite fast. Behemot Bookstore is about books and about people, about people that love books and about books that love people. All in all, about love.

behemot bookshop ljubljanaBehemot Bookshop
Židovska steza 3

: http://behemot.si/

Phone and Email:
(01) 25 11 392

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 10-20
Sat 10-15

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Mama Nobu said...

I just went there. This store is out of business.