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Galeri Kayseri, Istanbul

Galeri Kayseri bookstore Istanbul logo
Where? Istanbul, Turkey

Recommended by
Levent Alver

Levent said: "I have 1 more recommendation for your website which is located in Sultanahmet (old Istanbul)."

The most convenient English-language bookshop in Sultanahmet, Galeri Kayseri is actually two shops almost across the street from one another.

The Kayseri Company was founded in almost thirty years ago, while the Galeri Kayseri Bookshop opened its doors in 1996 in the old part of city at Divanyolu Street no 58 in Istanbul. When it was established, it stocked solely English books on Turkey. Aimed not only to succeed in business but also to respond to the potential demand of foreign visitors in the country, Galeri Kayseri promptly earned a worldwide reputation at the beginning of the new millennium. Therefore, a volunteer research team supported by professors, writers and diplomats was created in order to analyze books which have been published all around the world on the subjects that interest their firm. As a result of several years of experience, they arrange trips to the main book fairs in the world to improve their collection and to be present in the world book market.

In August 2004, an elegant new bookstore has opened just across the same street that has served customers for the past eight years. Now they are now the most well-known English Bookshop in Turkey with their selective collection of over 2000 titles and working everyday harder than before to serve their visitors.

Website: http://www.bookshopistanbul.com

Galeri Kayseri bookstore IstanbulGaleri Kayseri (head office)
Divanyolu Caddesi 58
34122 Istanbul

Phone and Email:

+90 212 5163366

Galeri Kayseri (branch)
Divanyolu Caddesi 11
34122 Istanbul

Phone and Email:
+90 212 5163366

Working Hours:

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Unknown said...

The worst bookstore I have ever seen. The staff working there are very rude, do not have respect to people coming from Central Asia and any other people coming from brotherhood countries.