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Payot, Geneva

Payot bookstore Geneva logo
Where? Geneva, Switzerland

Recommended by Stephen Peterson

Stephen said: "This bookstore is only one of many in Switzerland but it's the only one (that I know of) that focuses primarily on books in English (the other ones of the Payot chain primarily contain books in French). Unfortunately, the prices are more or less standard but the selection is wonderful since they are really up-to-date with books released in English. I only visited this bookstore once due to my short stay in Switzerland but I'm sure that any book lover would appreciate their offer. After all, none of the bookstores actually force you to buy books upon entering one, right?"

The history of the family name Payot in the book business dates all the way back to late 19th century. Today, a chain of bookstores with the same name spreads all over Switzerland. However, only one of their bookstores is interesting for the purposes of our Guide. It's the Payot Bookshop in Geneva, also known as the Chantepoulet Bookshop, since it's their only store with a special focus on English titles.

After the reconstruction works and refurbishment in 2005, the interior of the bookstore has a fresh new look and most importantly, it also has a whole lot of fresh stock. Actually, the Payot Bookshop currentlly claims to offer the biggest choice of English books in French-speaking Switzerland. All these books are to be found in the sizable English language department, which even has its own English-speaking staff. For those interested, a selection of titles in German, Spanish, Russian, Italian or Portuguese is also on offer. As for the stock itself, Payot holds a considerable amount of up-to-date fiction and non-fiction mostly from the US and UK. Books for the younger readers are available too, as well as travel guides, English language teaching materials, and lots of other stuff. This bookstore also holds book readings and other literary events quite often, with a special focus on topics related to the expat community living in Switzerland.

Payot bookstore GenevaPayot
5, Rue Chantepoulet
1211 Geneva 1


Phone and Email:
022 731 89 50

Working Hours:
Mon-Wed 9:30-19
Thur 9:30-20
Fri 9:30-19
Sat 9:30-18

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