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Prospero's Books, Tbilisi

Where? Tbilisi, Georgia

Recommended by
Meczko from Poland

Meczko said: "Prospero's Books probably have the widest selection of English language books on the Caucasus."

If you're traveling in and around the Caucasus area, and suddenly you feel an urge to read a decent book in English, Prospero's is definitely a must. Prospero's Books took its name from the 1991 movie by the same name, which, further bears the name of a character from Shakespeare's play The Tempest.

Some people say that it is a bit difficult to find this bookstore due to its semi-hidden location. And unfortunately, our maps don't work for Tbilisi. Therefore, the instructions follow: Rustaveli Avenue is considered to be the main shopping street. The bookstore is located on the same side of the street as the Georgian Parliament. Look for number '34' which is somewhat hidden and then head down the short tunnel where, at the end of it, you'll find Prospero's Books.

Prospero's indeed is a cult Georgian bookstore known for its extensive history and travel guides selection (focusing mainly on Georgia but it also covers the rest of the world) and fiction selection, of course. It is accompanied by a café, where you can seat yourself either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather.

Prospero's Books is an American-type of a bookstore and a coffee house together with an internet café. The bookstore has a large selection of books in English, specializing in history and geography of the region and travel guides. There is also a selection of fiction and non-fiction, reference books and children's books. It, oddly but yet interestingly, also has a VHS collection.

Prospero's Books bookstore TbilisiProspero's Books
34 Rustaveli Avenue


Phone and Email:
(995 32) 92 35 92
Email via website

Working Hours:
Mon-Sun 10-21


Dv0rsky said...

Hey Sonja and Ivan, Prospero's Books in Tbilisi has now also a website - http://prosperosbookshop.com/

And thank you for this interesting site - it was very helpful! :)

Levanabrzeni said...

I've just sent a message, for gaining information about some books there. I hope that you have got those books and look foreward to purchase them.

Angela Keenan said...

but this website doesn't work, the graphics don't load properly and the links don't work. Any ideas?

Bookstore Guide said...

Angela, I just opened the link with no problems. The only thing that crashed was the Flash Player.. perhaps try again?