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Biblio-Globus, Moscow

Where? Moscow, Russia

Recommended by
: Rustralian

Rustralian said: “There is also Biblio-Globus which I regularly use (close to home). They have a very good selection of English and other language books and the staff is very helpful - some with very good English of course. They also have a great selection of books for teaching Russian children English (and vice-versa). There are CDs, DVDs, coffee shop, rare books, bank notes and coins, stationery, gifts, pens, cards, travel books, maps etc.”

Biblio-Globus is one of Europe’s biggest bookstores with a stock of some 40 000 titles. This bookstore is not specialized in English literature, thus most of the books in the store are in Russian, however, thanks to its wide section of foreign literature it ranks among Moscow’s top destinations when searching for books in English. On the other hand, the selection of contemporary fiction cannot be measured with the offer of specialized English bookstores, although it’s perfectly possible to order any books that you don’t find in the store. The prices of the English titles are quite reasonable, judging by those which are listed on the store’s website.

Established in 1957, Biblio-Globus is located next to Lubyanka metro station. It occupies two floors in a building on Myasnitskaya street. Due to its size and popularity, you can expect Biblio-Globus to be rather crowded most of the time.

Biblio-Globus bookstore MoscowBiblio-Globus
6/3 Myasnitskaya St., building 5
101990 Moscow

: http://www.biblio-globus.ru/

Phone and Email:
+7 (495) 781 19 00

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 9-22
Sat 10-21
Sun 10-20

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Vadasz7 said...

Hey guys, correct web link is: http://www.biblio-globus.ru/

Love what you're doing. This is a great site.

Sonja said...

Thnx for the info, Vadasz! We corrected it..

Unknown said...

Biblio globus refuse to take return of book one day after it was bought! They were selling out of date Cambridge preparation books and refused to exchange for new edition on same day of purchase, claiming it was illegal! Outrageous deceit!

Alexander Perepechko said...

I ordered a book more than three months ago and paid for it. No book, no response to my e-mail. This is outrageous!

Alexander Perepechko said...

In the middle of May, I called Biblio-Globus.USA at 1-800-901-2905 and asked about by order (the order #275311; PayPal Transaction ID: 70632904T8725921T; the payment of $46.27 USD to Biblio-Globus). I was told that my book was shipped to me. I still do not have this book. I will report to the Consumer Reports that the Biblio Globus is practicing fraud in the United States.

Sonja said...

Dear Alexander, this post is about Biblio Globus in Moscow, Russia, not the USA. I believe it's a whole other company.. They do not operate in the states.