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Carnforth Bookshop, Carnforth

Carnforth Bookshop logo
Where? Carnforth, UK

Recommended by Stephen Mulcahy

Stephen said: "Small towns often retain good independent bookshops. I'd recommend Carnforth Bookshop (Lancashire) for second hand books."

Carnforth is a small town loacted near Lancaster in the north of Lancashire, England. Carnforth bookshop spreads over three floors - the ground floor concentrating on new books while the whole second and third floors of several large and a few smaller rooms contain primarily second hand books. The wise selection of titles covers almost any subject and it can take more than several hours to browse through this bookstore completely - but hey, it's probably worth it.

Carnforth Bookshop was established in 1977 and today it has over 100,000 Second Hand and Antiquarian books situated in 14 rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The bookstore also buys books and book collections. If you are unable to find a desired book in the shop, the staff can provide a no obligation, free book search service. Carnforth bookshop also has an extensive selection of new books (located on the ground floor), they also stock a wide range of cards, gifts, toys, art materials and stationery.

Carnforth BookshopCarnforth Bookshop
38-42 Market Street
Lancashire LA5 9JX


Phone and Email:
01524 734588

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 9-17:30

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