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Chester’s Book Café, Copenhagen

Chester’s Book Café logo
Where? Copenhagen, Denmark

[UPDATE] CHESTER'S BOGCAFE has been CLOSED for several years!!!

Recommended by Thomas E. Kennedy, A Shout from Copenhagen
Absinthe: New European Writing

Thomas said: "Then there is Chester’s Book Café at Strandgade 26 in the charming city neighborhood known as Christianshavn (which is also home to the so-called Free State, “Christiania,” an abandoned military encampment taken over by squatters nearly 40 years ago though which, sadly, is currently under assault by the current less than liberal government; a visit to Christiania is rather like a visit to the wild west in the middle of a civilized city). Chester’s Book Café is in a semi-basement, just down the street and across the avenue from the Danish Writers Union and features Wednesday evening readings by some of the best of contemporary Danish and international writers."

A certain warm and welcoming atmosphere is eminent when you step into the universe of books, coffee and cakes at Chester's Book Café in the district of Christianshavn. Here you are free to leaf through the books, before purchasing them, and most customers come again and again. The staff is extremely competent and knowledgeable when it comes to litterature and the bar tempts you with coffee and fresh baked cakes.

Chester’s Book Café CopenhagenChester's Book Café
Strandgade 26
1401 Copenhagen K


Phone and Email:
32 573 574

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 10-18
Sat 10-15

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1 comment:

A Shout from Copenhagen said...

Alas, Chester's -- a truly fine bookcafé -- is no longer whinnying with us, although I believe it is still operating on-line sales.

Thomas E. Kennedy