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Het Fort Van Sjakoo, Amsterdam

Het Fort Van Sjakoo bookstore Amsterdam logo

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Recommended by Vukc

Vukc said: "My favourite place in Amsterdam is Fort Van Sjakoo - a great place for progressive and anarchist stuff."

This bookstore is known for its unique character which is expressed in their own description: "Specialized in libertarian and radical ideas from the first to the fifth world and beyond..." This description manifests itself in the specific spirit of the store. The whole staff consists of ten volunteers, who are capable of providing you with all the information on the subjects which are the main focus of this store. The books available at this place also reflect the ideology of the store. Therefore the offer covers a wide range of topics related to libertarian ideology, anarchism, left-wing political thinking in general, history, globalization, squatting and direct action political activism. Het Fort Van Sjakoo is an international bookstore with a particular focus on titles and publications in English language. Besides books, you can also find a selection of music and magazines and even t-shirts. A bookstore which can hardly be mistaken for any other...

Established in 1977, Het Fort Van Sjakoo started as an unofficial bookstore located in a squatted house in the center of Amsterdam near the Waterlooplein, where Amsterdam's traditional flea market takes place. It's existence has been legalized in 1988.

Het Fort Van Sjakoo bookstore AmsterdamHet Fort Van SjakooAddress:
Jodenbreestraat 24
1011 NK Amsterdam


Website: http://www.sjakoo.nl/

Phone and Email:
020-625 8979

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 11-18
Sat 11-17

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Kevin said...

Hi. Great site and such good recommendations. Found this great bookshop in Amsterdam via you. Many thanks.