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Selexyz Dominicanen, Maastricht

Selexyz Dominicanen bookstore Maastricht logo

Where? Maastricht, The Netherlands

Recommended by:

Kim Heijdenrijk

This bookstore is a part of the Selexys chain and it holds the biggest stock of books in English in Maastrich stored in a very unusual place – in an old Dominican church.

Kim said: "In the middle of the church stands an enormous flat of steel. A modern two floor high apartment that only houses books. I am still not sure if I like the contrast of the modern steel with the old building. The idea of the floors is quite ingenious, but it made the bookstore quite cold and uninviting. A great feature is the old tombstone in the floor near the newspaper stand. And the ceilings. Wow! During the restoration they uncovered some spectacular paint work. The building itself has no lack of character, that is a fact.

The pieces of art that are sold in the building are a different story. The assortment of the bookstore was not what I expected as well. There were a lot of genres, but I could not fail to notice that there was not a wide variety of titles. This could be due to the fact the bookstore is owned by Selexyz, a chain of bookstores across the country. On the ground flour, tables displayed the latest and best sold books. These tables were quite messy, which made it hard to find something.

My overall verdict is that the bookstore looks amazing. The ancient building makes it really special. The sloppy presentation and the small assortment within the genres let the bookstore down. The shop is fantastic for architecture enthusiasts, but a let down for the bibliophiles. I have no doubt that the crowds will love this place, though."

Kim said: "Hidden in a little street next to the Vrijthof square in the Dutch city of Maastricht is the Dominican church. At least, it was in the past. Now, the over 800 year old building attracts worshippers of a different kind. The altar has been replaced by a modern coffee corner. The bible is no longer the most popular book in the house. For reader, it’s mass all day. Every day."

Selexyz Dominicanen
Dominikanerkerkstraat 1
6211 CZ Maastricht
The Netherlands
Selexyz Dominicanen bookstore Maastricht


Phone and Email:
(043) 321 08 25

Working hours:
Mon 10 - 18
Tue - Wed 9 - 18
Thu 9 - 21
Fri - Sat 9 - 18
Sun 12 - 17
(only the first Sunday of the month)


Unknown said...

I agree with Kim's opinion on the selection of titles by Selexyz; maybe that is the disadvantage of being part of a chain.
The church itself is a masterpiece, but I'm prejudged: Maastricht is my home town, where I don't live anymore. The bookstore as such is the most beautiful one in The Netherlands.

Hans Thielen, living in Leeuwarden NED

Anonymous said...


Yes, the Dominican Church is a wonder with its mix of old frescoes and hype black metal bookracks, its choir with an Italian bar where you can drink the most creamy capuccino while reading books from all over the world.

The house is no more part of Selexyz, but has been bought by another bookchain, Polare.

But the cultural policy doesn't seem to change much.