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St. George's Bookshop, Berlin

St. George's Bookshop logo Berlin

Berlin, Germany


Courtesy of Gridskipper

Gridskipper said: “A bibliophile's sanctuary, the lovely St. George's is a secondhand bookshop out of Charing Cross Road. The British-owned shop, situated in the heart of Kollwitz Platz, is a magnet for expats, scholars, writers, and artists of all mediums. Its lure no doubt begins with the well-chosen collection of over 10,000 new and used books. The classic wood furnishings as well as the personable staff only add to its charm. If you love books and love talking about them, ask for Paul or Jonathan and watch them pull from the shelves just what you've been itching to read. The bookshop is host to readings, political talks, and weekly film nights. A must visit.“

An impressive selection of second hand fiction at reasonable prices. Their second hand section is known to stock carefully picked books, which manifests itself in a very high percentage of good books in the shelves in comparison with other second hand bookstores. The other specific thing about used books sold at St. George’s is that all of them are in good condition. The store also stocks new books and it’s possible to make an order for any hard-to-get titles. Tuesday film nights are a bonus. However in order to enjoy an art movie in one of the comfortable sofas, you need to register on a mailing list.

St. George's Bookshop is owned by an Englishman Paul Gurner. It's Situated close to Kollwitz Platz in Prenzlauer Berg, two minutes walk from the Tram stop Marienburger Straße on the M2 tram from Alexanderplatz (roughly 10-minutes ride). You can also reach the store from the U-Bahn station Senefelder Platz on the U2, this is a pleasant 10-minute walk up Kollwitzstraße.

St. George's Bookshop BerlinSt. George's Bookshop
Address:Wörther Straße 27
Prenzlauer Berg
10405 Berlin


Website: http://www.saintgeorgesbookshop.com/

Phone and Email:
(030) 81 798 333

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 11-20
Sat 11-19

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