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Eleftheroudakis, Athens

Eleftheroudakis bookstore logo
Where? Athens, Greece

[ORIGINAL BOOKSTORE CLOSED - moved next door, see info in address]
July, 2007

Eleftheroudakis is the largest bookstore in Greece and it also has a very long tradition. The central store (opened in 1995) is a true giant, as it spreads over eight floors, and according to many locals it offers the best selection of books in English in town. The bookstore's offer covers a wide variety of topics, and although it is primarily a Greek bookstore, it has special sections dedicated to titles in English and other foreign languages. A special attention is paid to the selection of titles related to Greece, and this bookstore can serve as a great source of information and knowledge for tourists visiting the great city of Athens. Whether you're interested in the amazing history of Greece, in search of a concrete map or travel guide to accompany you on your travels, wanting to deepen your knowledge of the Greats of ancient and modern Greek literature (available in English translations of course) or you decided to expand your cooking skills by purchasing some Greek cookbooks, you have arrived to the right place. You can even take a break from browsing and relax in the cafe on the sixth floor.

However, on our trip to Athens, we did not happen to stumble upon this branch of the Eleftheroudakis chain, but the one in Nikis street, near Syntagma. The Nikis bookstore offers a moderate, yet very interesting, selection of English titles. The prices at Eleftheroudakis bookstores range from reasonable to moderately high.

Eleftheroudakis was founded in 1898, its owners value and respect its long history very much, and they're doing their best to use all their experience to fulfill the bookstore's mission. The extensive database covers over 200.000 Greek and foreign titles. The variety of books on offer at Eleftheroudakis stores is organized according to basic categories and subjects and comprises both general and specialized sections, such as: Greek and translated literature, foreign-language literature, dictionaries and learning methods for foreign languages, cookery, psychology, popular science, art, architecture, design, theatre, cinema, photography, sports, science, history, politics, children's books, medical books, IT books, maps, guides and much much more. Special book-related events take place in Eleftheroudakis stores on regular basis, and quite often they're held in English language.

Website: http://www.books.gr

Email: elebooks@books.gr

Eleftheroudakis bookstore AthensEleftheroudakis
Panepistimiou 15.


(+30210) 3258440

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 9-21
Sat 9- 18

Extra Information
The Eleftheroudakis bookstore has branches in Athens, Thessaloniki, Mykonos and Alexandroupoli. For the full list of Eleftheroudakis in Greece bookstores, click HERE.

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Mark McD said...

I just went to the bookstore (30 Dec 2013) mentioned above at the address mentioned and it was a bit disappointing. The store has two floors of books and a fairly small selection. It is the store located on 15 Panepidemiou street. After reading the above post I was hoping for more. Oh well.

Mark McD said...

I said Panedipemiou, but I meant Panepistimiou.