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Reuter + Klöckner, Hamburg

Reuter + Klöckner bookstore logo
Where? Hamburg, Germany

Recommended by Martina M

Martina said: "Reuter & Klöckner is the bookstore at the University of Hamburg. They have books in English and also books in French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Ancient Greet, Latin, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc."

The Reuter + Klöckner bookshop is located directly opposite the "philosophers' tower" on campus in Hamburg and it primarily focuses on students, who are its most frequent visitors. Whether it is required reading or genuine interest, anyone (from students of languages, law, economics, literature, humanities or simply just the non-students or passers-by) can purchase books on various subjects. The helpful staff will make you feel more than welcome here.

Reuter + Klöckner Buchhandlung oHG is a bookstore that specializes in domestic as well as foreign books on literature, law, economy, philosophy and history. The staff orders the books you need from international distributors should you not happen to find it in the shop. The Reuter + Klöckner bookstore is everything a student could need.

Reuter + Klöckner bookstore HamburgReuter + Klöckner
Schlüterstraße 44
20146 Hamburg


Phone and Email:
040 41 47 95 0

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:30-18
Sat 10-13
The shop is closed on Saturdays during semester breaks.

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