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Bookstation, Budapest

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Budapest, Hungary

Bookstation is no longer in business.
It has [CLOSED] its doors in Feb 2016.

Visited: February 2008
(Read more on Bookstation in our Report from Budapest)

This bookstore turned out to be a very positive surprise of our Budapest trip. Although it is mostly referred to as a primarily internet based bookstore, this is a huge understatement. Bookstation is a bookstore offering a mixture of carefully selected new books (mostly remainder) and loads of second hand books. It focuses uniquely on books in foreign languages, with the English section being the most prominent, but it also has a considerable German, French and Spanish section. Especially the French section deserves to be mentioned, since such a selection of second hand French books at such prices is very rare in non-francophone parts of Europe.

All in all, the Bookstation is the home of more than 30 thousand titles. The prices of the second hand books are very affordable, mostly around 5€. The English stock comprises of several sections (though they were not labeled) - science fiction/fantasy and books for kids and juveniles can be found in the first room, the second room houses fiction, biographies, social sciences, history, travel and also the only dark corner of this store, the chick lit section. (although De gustibus non es disputandum...) The selection itself is quite wide, and a thorough browsing of the fiction section will almost surely make you cheer over the discovery of some unexpected gems.
Be sure to check out the store's website (available in four languages), with a very well organized online catalogue of all the books on stock and the possibility to order.

The Bookstation was founded in 2003 and has been growing in size ever ever since. It used to be located near Keleti train station but in July 2008, they moved to a location near the Nygati train station - thus their name still has the ambiguity of being a both station of books and located near a train station. Books are stored in shelves which reach all the way up to the ceiling and in order to explore the upper parts of the shelves you have to climb a pretty high ladder. There's also a reading corner with a table and several chairs which along with the good music underline the pleasant atmosphere.

bookstation budapestBookstation
Katona József u. 13
(XIII district)


Phone and Email:
413-1158, 413-1159

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 10-19

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Ivan said...

February 2008:
Kundera, Milan - The Unbearable Lightness of Being (4,5€)

Sonja said...

Yalom, Irvin D. - Lying on the Couch (4.5€)