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Blackbird Books, Mitrovicë

Blackbird Books Mitrovice Kosovo

Mitrovicë/a, Kosovo

Recommended by
Anthony Barilla

Anthony said: "The bookstore is located in Mitrovicë/a Kosovo, and it operates a free public reading room, a cafe and a bookstore, and it occasionally holds gallery shows as well."

Blackbird Books operates mainly as a cafe and a reading room where many students and other people living in Mitrovicë/a come to relax and read with a cup of coffee in a nice and quiet atmosphere. Blackbird Book's mission is to provide literature to the people of Mitrovicë/a in, as they say, "an environment designed to foster dialog and combat the emigration of artistically-inclined young adults from their community". Their motto is 'Diverse and adventurous literature for a diverse citizenry'. The idea for the bookstore came from its owner, Tony Barilla from Texas, US who said that when he arrived to Mitrovicë/a, he felt that it lacked space for the intellectual layers, a place where they would meet, discuss various topics and organize cultural and artistic events.

Located in the very center, in the pedestrian zone, Blackbird books, a non-profit venture accompanied with a cafe with wireless internet, provide a free library of books, graphic novels and comics. They also offer books for sale and for trade.
The recently opened bookstore is still in the making but plans to expand in order to provide literature of all language with the majority of works in Albanian, Serbian and English. The books in the bookstore are sorted by the following categories: classics, modern, local (literature produced by Kosovo publishing housed) and cool (comics, graphic novels and other).
The profit from all the books will go to supporting other cultural events both onsite and for other institutions in both south and north Mitrovicë/a.

Blackbird Books bookstore Mitrovice KosovoBlackbird Books
Agim Hajrizi Nr. 15
(between the OSCE and the bridge)
Kosovoblackbird books kosovo


Email: blackbirdkosovo@gmail.com

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 10-20
Sun 10-16

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