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Presence With Word, Heidelberg

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Heidelberg, Germany

Recommended by
Shawn Sarvey

Shawn said: "It is a small, independently run shop in the heart of the Old City, Heidelberg. The shop mostly has used books, but there is also a small new book section too. Ordering new books is also possible."

Although the number of bookstores we list is already considerable and is constantly growing, each of the new additions is unique in a way and there's something special about each one of them. This is definitely true for this English bookstore in the German city of Heidelberg named Presence with Words. We've been contacted by the man behind this project - Shawn Sarvey and some further research of our own confirmed the initial feeling that this bookstore definitely deserves to be mentioned in Bookstore Guide.

The experimental aspect of this bookstore consists in the addition of a small gallery where the works of the owner are displayed together with a small studio for sculpture. You can also check out some of the exhibits in the online gallery on the store's website. This attempt to combine the concrete material shapes of the sculptures with the boundless and ethereal world of thoughts hidden in the books makes Presence with Word the place where the Physical meets the Abstract...

This exclusively English bookstore offers a wide range of books (both used and new) covering several categories such as classic and contemporary fiction authors or titles focusing on science, psychology or history in the non-fiction section. Fans of sci-fi, fantasy, crime or romance books should also be able to find something from their preferred genre. But that's not all... The aim of the founder is to answer the interesting question - how does sculpture influence thought and vice versa? Go find out for yourselves and let us know what you think.

presence with word bookstorePresence With Word
Ploeck 93
69117 Heidelberg

Website: http://www.presencewithword.de/

Phone and Email:
+49 (0) 6221 183001

Working Hours:
to be added soon

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