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Bradley's Bookshop, Bordeaux

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Bordeaux, France


Visited: August, 2008

While in Bordeaux (Aquitaine region of France), we visited Bradley's Bookshop, a rather petite but seemingly well stocked bookstore. At first we weren't perhaps as impressed, having seen all the glory of Paris' English language bookstores. However, and considering it is the only bookstore in this area which specializes in English language books, one needs to give credit to it. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest English language bookstores in the whole of France, operating for over two decades - from 1983.

Once you enter, you'll immediately notice the bookstore's specialty - books on English language learning, which they have an ample amount of. Besides supplying the individual demand of customers from near and far, Bradley's also closely cooperates with the local university and language schools. Bradley's also stocks general fiction, latest releases and some of the most famous bestsellers. The staff at the bookstore was helpful and friendly, explaining how it all functions down there in the South-West of France.

Bradley's Bookshop specializes in ELT (English Language Teaching) materials: from various coursebooks and teaching aid materials to dictionaries, books on vocabulary building, grammars, literature guides and simplified editions of many famous works. However, this is not all - their selection of fiction, although it may not blow you off your feet as many other fiction-orientated bookstores, is rather satisfactory for your average English fiction book lover. The contribution and the influence which Bradley's has in this part of France can't be undermined, especially because it's been operating for over 25 years and supplying many in their needs to learn the English language (and let's face it, France isn't an anglophile country and any effort in making the French learn English has to be appreciated).

Note: Bradley's Bookshop is now in a different location, on Rue de la Merci

bradley's bookshop insideBradley's Bookshop
1, Rue de la Merci
bradley's bookshop bordaux


Website: http://www.bradleys-bookshop.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bradleysbookshopbordeaux/
Phone and Email:

05 56 52 10 57

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 10-19

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