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The Little Taunus Bookshop, Oberursel

Where? Oberursel, Germany

Recommended by
Patricia Batholomew

Patricia said: "Any true book afficiando finding themselves in tiny Oberursal, Germany, on a day trip from Frankfurt, should make time to visit the Little Taunus Bookshop. The name says it all: a quiet little bookshop tucked away in the Taunus hills. The owner, Heike Wolf, is a genuine book lover and her shelves show it. Specializing in hard to find English and French language titles, it is always a pleasure to stop by and browse Heike's selection of popular, eclectic, and hard to find titles."

Located in Oberursel, a town north west of Frankfurt, the Little Taunus Bookshop , opened in November of 2007, is a true jewel of foreign language books in Germany. Heike Wolf decided to take advantage of her previous experience with expats living in Germany and create a bookstore which would satisfy the needs and desires of any English native speaker. In 2003, she has even started a small publishing house called Fairmount Publishing which specializes in books for expats in Germany. She has managed to accomplish this ambitious task and the fact that she had to overcome the handicap of limited space (her bookstore spreads on 40 square meters, which explains the word 'little' in its name) makes the final result even more worthy of admiration. The bookstore is not overstuffed, as Heike pays special attention to a careful selection of titles which find their way to the shelves. The white interior gives away a feeling of tidiness and cleanliness - with books neatly displayed on the shelves and clearly visible to the eye.

The Little Taunus Bookshop stocks books in English, which is the characteristic language of the books in the shop, French and German. English titles, both new and second-hand make up for more than three-fourths of the store's offer. They have both a fiction and a non-fiction department, where the fiction one mostly comprises of new bestsellers, classics, crime section and a large children's books section upon which the bookstore owner takes special pride in. When it comes to non-fiction, it mainly consists of biographies, books on history, travel, business, etc. There is an emphasis on books about Germany and German language courses for people moving to the country from abroad. There is, of course, an ESL section for those who desire to improve their knowledge of the English language.

All the books in the store can be purchased online and the bookstore will more than gladly order a book which they do not have in their stock for you. It also holds occasional readings and regular group meetings and other events.

The Little Taunus Bookshop
Strackgasse 18
61440 Oberursel
Little Taunus Bookshop Oberursel Germany


Phone and Email:
(06196) 952477

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 10-13 15-18:30
Sat 10-14

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