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Globe Bookstore, Kiev

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Kiev, Ukraine

Recommended by: Gary Johnson

Gary said: "I have visited the Globe Bookstore in Kiev a couple of times. It is small - room for maybe four customers. Still their collection includes contemporary fiction, art, philosophy, religion, humor, language learning, children's books, and classics. Most notable to me were a few dozen books of Ukrainian and Russian authors translated to English. I bought a small anthology of poems by their national poet, Taras Shevchenko, and a larger anthology of both classic and modern Ukrainian poems. Such things may be very difficult to find elsewhere.

The store is a kiosk underground at the Metrograd Shopping Mall in Besarabska Square. The mall is a huge. You may need to stroll around a bit to find it in the maze of other kiosks. Then again, once in the maze, you'll need to stroll around a bit to find your way back out. Breadcrumbs may be useful. Globe is in the vicinity of the mall entrance near Lenin's statue. It is adjacent to a larger kiosk with a Ukrainian / Russian language bookstore."

Up till now, Kiev has been one of the last capital cities missing in our Guide, and we're glad to have filled this gap thanks to Gary's recommendation. Exclusively English language bookstores are still a very rare find in Ukraine, so we hope this will make things easier for those of you who will find themselves in Kiev. The bookstore itself is located in a huge underground shopping mall - a city of its own - called "Metrograd", which covers around 20 thousand square meters from Lva Tolstoho Square to Hreschatik street. There are 23 entrances to this subterranean complex so it's quite easy to get lost. The most suitable entrance in order to reach the Globe bookstore is the one near the crossing of Khreshatyk and Shevchenko Boulevard.

The Globe bookstore is actually a small outlet of the Dinternal Bookstore located at Muzeyniy provulok 2-V. Dinternal Books is a British-Ukrainian company founded in 1998, which has established itself as the largest importer and distributor of English titles in Ukraine. The main store in Kiev is focused almost exclusively on ELT materials, while the smaller Globe is packed with a great selection of both fiction and non-fiction titles. Globe is not only the best place in Kiev to look for English literature, but it's also one of the rare places where the fact that your Ukrainian is far from fluent won't pose any problems, as the staff members speak English. The bookstore is also known for holding regular sales on selected titles during the whole year (usually from 30 to 60 percent off the regular price) so don't miss the discount stand.

globe bookstore metrograd kievGlobe Bookstore
Besarabskaya Square
Metrograd Shopping Mall


Phone and Email:
+380 44 247 5518

Working Hours:
Mon-Sun 10 - 21


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the information on the Globe Bookstore. I was able to fine it, even in the maze of the underground mall, by following your instructions. I found several good books to read and I am enjoying the English translation of Ukrainian poetry that I purchased there. The clerk at the store gave me a discount card on the spot--which I will use next time I go.

Admin said...

The Globe is a great little bookstore. I just hope it's able to stay in business with the availability of free book downloads off the internet. As a long term Kyiv resident the shop is owned by the folks at the London School of English.

Thanks for the post.