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The Bookcase, Lowdham

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Lowdham, Nottingham, UK

Recommended by: Abigail Rhodes

Abi said: "I notice there is nothing on bookshops in Nottingham, not surprising as most of them are big business ones! There is a lovely little shop called The Bookcase, which is in Lowdham, and here is my recommendation for that too: The Bookcase in the small village of Lowdham is a beautiful little independent book shop on the outskirts of Nottingham. They have books by local Nottingham authors, a wide range of gifts (such as cards and candle holders - I bought a candle holder from there years ago and it still looks lovely on my bookshelf!), supply schools with resources and have a partnership with the Lowdham Festival held every year."

The Bookcase is a very nice example of how an independent bookshop can become an integral part of the social life of the community and for the village of Lowdham near Nottingham, it definitely stood up to its slogan - "more than a bookshop". The owner of this bookstore is Jane Streeter who has been the key figure in The Bookcase since its opening in September of 1996. Along with a team of dedicated employees, she managed to bring the bookshop of her dreams into life. In its 13-year existence, The Bookcase has profiled as a respected independent bookshop and also as a steady pillar of the local community.

When it comes to the stock, the main ambition of the owner is to keep it as varied and attractive as possible and it reflects both the taste of their customers and the staff. A wide range of other products (cards, stationary, gifts) can also be found at the bookshop. The Bookcase also has its own publishing branch called the Bookcase Editions. Although it has published only six titles so far, we recommend that you check their selection, as we really appreciated their very wide and open-minded scope and their decision to publish local authors.

The bookshop's special activities include supplying books at discounted prices to over fifty schools. Authors' readings and other book-related events are held throughout the year at the bookshop's premises. Besides bringing authors with an international reputation to the small village of Lowdham, the Bookscase closely cooperates with the local Nottingham writers. For a decade now the bookshop has held annual book and film festivals which enjoy a high popularity among the locals.

The Bookcase bookshop Nottingham
The Bookcase
50 Main Street
Nottingham, NG14 7BE
The Bookcase Bookshop Lowdham

Phone and Email:
0115 9664143

Working Hours:
Mon-Wed 9-17
Thu 9-19:30
Fri 9-17
Sat 9-16

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