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Borri Books, Rome

Borri Books Rome logo

Where? Rome, Italy

Visited in
February 2010

Borri Books was the first bookstore we have seen in Rome and it is probably so for many other visitors of the city, which is due to its location at the central train station Termini. Placing a bookstore directly in the train station building is not very common in European cities, but this concrete example in Rome has been very successful. It's not hard to guess why, as spending your time at the train station in a more meaningful way than staring at the arrivals board is appreciated by many. It's also good to have the opportunity to choose some good reading material for your trip, other than the limited selection of thrillers and romance novels available at the kiosks.

The offer of English titles in Borri Books is more than satisfactory. The whole third floor is dedicated to books in foreign languages (other than Italian) and there's a decent selection of titles in Spanish, French or Russian as well. The English section is dominant and we have to say that its offer may satisfy even the more demanding visitors. The selection of titles in the non-fiction section was very well chosen considering its limited size.

Borri Books occupies all three floors of the station building and it's really well integrated into its surroundings. The thing we liked the most are the transparant glass walls, which make the books even more tempting. Besides, it's the sheer size of this bookstore which makes it impressive. The numbers speak for themselves - more than 340 000 books are spread over an area of ca. 2000 square meters, 13 000 titles are available in foreign languages. The opening hours are also very generous, so you will very rarely find yourself waiting for a train without the possibility to browse.

If the Termini station happens to be the gate through which you enter the city and you arrived unprepared for all the sights that Rome has to offer, visiting Borri Books will surely prove to be useful. Several shelves filled with guidebooks for Rome, but also books on the history, nature or even cuisine of Rome and its surroundings can be found on the third floor in several languages. It's also a great place to pick up an Italian phrase book or even a dictionary if your interest in learning Italian is more serious.

Borri Books Termini RomeBorri Books
Atrio Stazione Termini
Piazza dei Cinquecento
00185 Rome
Borri Books Rome


Phone and Email:

+39 06 4828422

Working Hours:
Mon-Sun 7:30-23

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