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Moufflon Bookshop, Nicosia

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Where? Nicosia, Cyprus

Recommended by Alex Pieri

This bookshop is our first (and hopefully not the last) entry located in the capital city on the lovely island of Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean Ocean. Moufflon Bookshop can be found in the Greek part of the capital city Nicosia (locally also known as Lefkosia) just outside the Venetian walls of the old town and a short walk from Eleftheria Square.

A bookstore with an over forty years long history and tradition, Moufflon has been operating ever since 1967 and it is primarily an English language bookstore (although they stock and accept orders for books in other languages on a regular basis and they even ship books worldwide). The second most dominant language of the bookstore is Greek. Moufflon stocks primarily second-hand, out-of-print and rare books, although many new titles and in-print books can be found here as well. One of the bookstore's primary goals is to have a stock of reading material for people of all ages and interests. We are certain that people living in Cyprus truly appreciate having such a place to retreat to.

Another interesting thing when it comes to its stock is the fact that Moufflon Bookshop has a truly amazing selection of books on Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, published on Cyprus or abroad. This being their specialization, the topics related to Cyprus are wide: from archeology and architecture, maps and guide books, to philosophy, arts, design and, of course, fiction.

Perhaps also important to note is the annual weekend book fair organized by the people at Moufflon Bookshop. The fair focuses solely on used and rare books and is held during the first weekend of November, in the old medieval city of Nicosia.

Moufflon Bookshop NicosiaMoufflon Bookshop
1 Sofouli Street
Nicosia, Cyprus
Moufflon Bookshop Cyprus

te: http://www.moufflon.com.cy/

Phone and Email:
+357 22 665 155

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 9:30-18:30/19:30*
(winter/summer resp.)

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