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Redding's Bookshop, Warsaw

[UPDATE] Redding's Bookshop unfortunately closed its doors in June 2010.

Dominika said: "Redding's New and Used" is an English language bookshop located underground in the Warsaw University Library (BUW - ul. Dobra 56/66 Warsaw, the Powisle district). It's run by an English guy, Pete Redding, and his wife Kasia. They have over 10 thousand books both used and new all heavily discounted. It's not a huge place, but nice and cosy, and they sell all kinds of books - fiction, classics, children's etc... Well worth a visit as the building itself is really beautiful with its roof top gardens, interesting architecture and its proximity to Warsaw's Old Town."

Redding's Bookshop New and Used is a family bookstore run by the Redding's - giving it the advantage of having both a local and a native speaker on its team. As the "New and Used" in the bookstore's name gives away, Redding's is one of those places where paperbacks which have already passed through several pairs of hands share shelves with untouched new titles (a great example of how this approach works can be seen in a different Polish city in the Massolit Bookshop). Redding's thus provides both the thrill of exploring their second-hand stock as well as the opportunity to get your hands on fresh releases, or to place an order for a book they don't have.

The building of the local university library, the epicenter of knowledge, must rank among the top locations for any bookstore. Redding's Bookshop can be found in the underground section of the building and it's definitely worth the descent. The stock, which can also be browsed on their website, is not specialized in any specific field. A wide variety of genres and subjects makes this basement bookstore a favorite browsing spot for many students as well as other regular customers. Another fact which contributes to its popularity among students is that Redding's is also known for offering its books at affordable prices. This approach is also stressed on their website where it's supported by the following statement: challenge your mind, not your wallet...

Reddings Bookshop WarsawRedding's Bookshop
56/66 ulica Dobra
(Warsaw University Library), level -1
Reddings Bookshop


Phone and Email:
(022) 552 74 17

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 11-19
Sat 11:30-16:30
Sun Closed

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baresytapas said...

I entered this site by chance, but I found very interesting. A greeting to all the people who visit this page.

Unknown said...

Hey, there's anothier one - the All That Stuff - Solec str., in the shopping mall just under the Poniatoskiego bridge - really good choice at same low prices. Dig it up and put on our guide. it's allthatstuff.pl

Sonja said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Alice! We'll definitely put it up.. :)