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Çaglayan Kitabevi, Istanbul

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Where? Istanbul, Turkey

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Tan Çaglayan

Çaglayan Kitabevi was founded over half a century ago, in 1952 and throughout the years they became one of the biggest booksellers in the whole country, especially in the field of academic books. The bookstore is located in Beyoglu, a very popular and pedestrian-full district in the European part of Istanbul, near the Çiçek Pasaji (or the Flower Passage).

The main customers at Çaglayan Kitabevi are students, university professors and academics, but also local people and tourists with interests in academic titles. The offer of the bookstore is neatly divided into categories based on the subject. The stock consists of a mixture of titles in Turkish and English. This bookstore wouldn't be the best place to go looking for the latest fiction novels, but you'll surely find what you need on psychology, philosophy, law, economy or marketing, but also art , architecture and lots of others. Then there are also science related books from the fields of chemistry and physics and even astronomy and meteorology, etc. The full list of categories can be found on the bookstore's website.

Recently, Çaglayan Kitabevi has opened another branch near the Dogus Universiy and Yeditepe University in Besiktas. This branch goes by the name of Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Bookstore and Cafe and their motto is "All book lovers may feel themselves at home in a decent environment..." - and we are certain that Mr. Çaglayan really does his best to make the visitors of his bookstores feel this way - like at home.

Bahçeşehir University Bookstore & Cafe, being located near universities, stocks mostly university books but also fiction, together with travel and reference sections. People of many different nationalities often make a stop here and, besides browsing, can get a cup of coffee, one of the herbal teas from all over the world or even a piece of American cheesecake.

Çaglayan Kitabevi
Address: Istiklal Caddesi No:76
Tokatliyan Is Hani K.1/7-8
Beyoglu, Istanbul

Website: http://www.caglayan.com

Phone and Email:
212 245 4433

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 9-18:30

Bahçeşehir University Bookstore & Cafe
Address: Eski Yildiz caddesiBahcesehir University Bookstore Cafe
Serencebey yokusu 4
Besiktas Istanbul

Bahçeşehir University Bookstore Facebook Page

Phone and Email:
212 227 1050

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 9:30-19:30

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