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Paagman, The Hague

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The Hague, The Netherlands

Recommended by
Thelma L. van den Hoonaard

Thelma said: "I have a suggestion for another Bookstore in The Hague or Den Haag, also 's Gravenhage in Dutch. Paagman is a bookstore, annex music store, annex stationary store, annex cafe-restaurant ( Kicking Horse Cafe), annex post office in a neighbourhood, the "Statenbuurt" frequented by a lot of ex-pats, so their choice in English books is large. A lot of international offices and justice courts are stationed close by. It is the same neighbourhood, where the Gemeentemuseum (City Museum ) built by Berlage is."

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, this modern bookstore with a very original bold look also has long history as it was originally established by Gerard Paagman in 1951. The 1990s marked a beginning of a new era of the shop and it underwent important changes under the management of the third generation of the Paagman family. As the recommendation suggests, the range of activities of this bookstore greatly surpasses the usual. Food, stationary, CDs, DVDs are all on offer, but the books still take the main stage. And although Paagman is not a specialized English bookstore, its offer of titles in English is very solid. Discussions or book launches are also quite common in the bookstore's premises. On their website you can even find a section called Paagman TV where you can view videos from one of the numerous events that took place in the bookstore.

The interior of the bookstore definitely deserves special attention and although we're primarily interested in the books, this time it's also the design which makes Paagman stand out. The red and pink bookcases, contrasting with the white lights and the white ceiling, are organized in a very peculiar way, creating the impression of a curved book aisle inviting you to take a stroll. The final result is a very modern and stylish feel, full of light and space with each and every book occupying its own place on display. Paagman has become a true cultural heart of the neighborhood, whether it's due to the quantity and quality of services it offers, the nice setting or the fact that it's open to the public seven days a week.

paagman bookstore the haguePaagman Boekhandel
Frederik Hendriklaan 217
2582 CB Den Haag NL
paagman bookshop den haag


Phone and Email:
+31 (0)70 338 38 38

Working Hours:
Mon- Fri: 9-21
Sat: 9-18
Sun: 12-17

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