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The Secret Book & Record Store, Dublin

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Dublin, Ireland

Recommended by
Claudio Sansone

Claudio said: "Set in the very centre of Dublin this wonderful shop has both a large and high quality range. You can find near-all genres but the fiction section is very very abundant. Philosophy and History also promise something interesting for any visitor. The prices are as low as you are going to get in Dublin, or lower across the board. It's a must-visit for any keen book-buyer as this store is all that's best in book buying also through the wonderful atmosphere created by the illusion that it might actually be a secret store -- and by the wonderfully helpful and friendly staff. They also buy books at reasonable prices or offer an excellent value in-store credit alternative (better than Chapters by far)."

Books and music is a combination we appreciate in any setting. Since you're reading about this store here on Bookstore Guide, it's obvious that it's not the best kept secret in Dublin, but read on and you'll probably agree with us, that it's for the better. So what about the secretive aspect of this bookstore? The store is not easy to find as it's hidden in Wicklow street where it shares an entrance with a yoga center. According to our research, it's very easy to miss it even when you walk right by it. Another interesting piece of information mentions that they used to (perhaps they still do) pay a man to sit in front of the store with a sign in his hand. Surely an interesting marketing strategy. Another thing that adds to the secrecy is the fact that The Secret Book & Record Store has no website, although they do have a Facebook page (see link below).

Those who do find their way in are rewarded by discovering a great secondhand bookstore which shares the premises with a used record store. A combination which is described as the best browse in Dublin. A great offer, friendly prices and the welcoming atmosphere have all attracted a faithful clientele which is not put off by the store's motto: "Abandon hope all ye who enter". We ourselves would be more than willing to accept this condition as The Secret Book & Record Store is the kind of place where we'd surely spend several hours...

secret book and record store dublinThe Secret Book & Record Store
15a Wicklow Street
the secret bookstore dublin



Phone and Email:
016 797272
no email

Working Hours:
Mon-Wed 11-18:30
Thu 11-19:30
Fri-Sun 11-18:30

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