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The Albion Beatnik, Oxford

Where? Oxford, England, UK

Recommeded by Mariela

Mariela said: "The reason I am writing is the my other beloved bookshop, Albion Beatnik from Oxford, one of the few places where you  can find such a good selection of books, including European and international writers (all in English). Nice jazz music and a good cup of tea may help people decide what they want to buy. It opens at 11 and I never know when it closes but there are jazz concerts or poetry readings quite often in the evening.

I hope you come and see it for yourself one day. This is a real bookshop. It could serve as a synonym to bookshop in the Oxford dictionary."

Every once in a while, a recommendation like this leaves us with a smile on our faces. It is nice to see how one person can love a bookstore and this feeling is certainly familiar with many of us, who consider ourselves books(tore) fanatics.

The Albion Beatnik is an independent bookshop located in Jericho, Oxford. The bookstore/cafe offers a diverse collection of titles ranging from American pulp, film theory, jazz (which usually accompanies your audio experience in the store) to Beatnik poetry and other counter-culture stuff. It also  offers tea, coffee and cake.

The Albion Beatnik also regularly hosts many concerts, poetry readings, talks and debates. Apparently, there's even a basement where bands rehears and reading groups meet. The bookstore also has an anti-wifi policy, so don't expect you laptop to connect to anything.

Albion Beatnik Bookstore
34 Walton Street
OX2 6AU Oxford

Website: http://albionbeatnikbookstore.blogspot.co.uk/

Phone and Email:
07737 876213

Working Hours:
Mon-Tue: 11-20
Wed-Sat: 11-23
Sun: 14-17

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