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Desperate Literature, Madrid

Where? Madrid, Spain

Recommended by: Craig

Craig said: "Desperate Literature is a new International bookshop in Madrid, Spain and it is located in the space that used to be Petra's Book Store, which I believe had also been listed on your site.

Along with the very best collection of used English books in the city, the shop also carries a large selection of quality books in Spanish, French and a variety of other languages. With a focus on fiction, poetry, noir, sci-fi and belles-lettres, the store also maintains sections (in our three major languages) in philosophy, history, art, science, sociology, film, music and eastern religion.  Of course, we also have a children’s section for young readers looking to further explore their mother tongue or learn a new one.

Desperate Literature strives to be a space where good literature serves as a vehicle for dynamic cultural, linguistic and social exchange between Madrilenos, extranjeros and travellers from around the world. In this spirit we look forward to hosting readings, meetings, gallery shows, lectures, and more."

Desperate Literature is a joint project between Craig Walzer of Atlantis Books in Santorini, GRE and Corey Eastwood, the owner of Book Thug Nation and Human Relations in Brooklyn, USA. How cool, right? Make sure you pay a visit if in Madrid. Oh, and they're closed during the siesta :-)

Desperate Literature
C/Campomanes, 13

Website: http://desperateliterature.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/desperateliteraturemadrid

Phone and Email:
+34 911 88 80 89.
Working Hours:
Daily 10:30-14:30
and 17:30-22:30

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