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AB Antikvariát, Brno

AB Antikvariát bookstore Brno logo
Where? Brno, Czech Republic

Visited: October, 2007

A small, strictly old-school second hand bookstore with a unique style and atmosphere. In Brno, a lively student city with six universities, you can find several bookstores (even second-hand), however none of them specializes in foreign literature. The reason why this small bookstore made it to our bookstoreguide's elite selection list is it's out of the ordinary flavor, it's taste of old times. The best picks of the day are exposed hanging on a rope in the shop window, their opposites are sitting in a cardboard box in front of the store, where they're offered for 5CZK each (cca. 0,20 Euro). The inside of the store breathes with books and your stay is always accompanied by older (usually jazz or blues) music. The English fiction offer is usually very poor, on the other hand, you can find really good titles for cheap prices from time to time. It's the selection of older editions especially in the field of philosophy in English and German which makes this store's stock stand out. The prices are naturally higher, but you can find many interesting and rare things from the complete works of Arthur Schopenhauer in several volumes, to books on Eastern philosophies from the 1920s.

Open since 1983, the first privately owned bookstore in Brno after 1989. Besides books (unfortunately the vast majority of which is only in Czech language), you can find old maps of the city, postcards and other antique material.

AB Antikvariát bookstore BrnoAB Antikvariát
Kounicova 15
602 00 Brno


Phone and Email:
tel: +420-549 250 814

Working Hours:
Mon - Fri 9 - 12, 13 - 18

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