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Wendepunkt, Graz

Wendepunkt bookstore Graz logo
Where? Graz, Austria

Recommended by Evelyn Zottler

Evelyn said: "It's my favorite bookshop in Graz, Austria. It's a very small, personal "alternative" bookshop close to Lendplatz with a great atmosphere. To sum it up, it opposes the "mainstream supermarket-like" bookstores and tries to offer a good selection. The owner is very nice, gives advice and interesting chats (without the typical trying-to-persuade-you-to-buy anything). The bookstore has everything from novels to globalization criticism books, books on music and different cultures, political books, vegan cookbooks, poetry and classics. You can also try to find some remainders which you can't or hardly can find elsewhere anymore (or cheaper). Basically, just go there if you happen to be in Graz, it's definitely worth it!"

Alternative, ambitious and carefully selected: The bookshop "Wendepunkt" at the Lendplatz in Graz offers something different - an idealistic book lover as an antipole to neoliberal comptetitors. Wolfgang Wagner, a specialist in German Studies living in Graz, opened a bookstore that would please his own interest. This place is a personal, idealistic attempt of a man, who carefully picks the books he offers, in accordance with his (not only political) beliefs. The selection of books that you can find here makes this store a true alternative to big mainstream bookstore chains. In addition to selected specialised books you can also find handpicked fiction: upmarket thrillers, Kafka or Bukowsky and literature about rock and pop music as well as about auteur cinema. The intention of the owner is to arous fun and interest in reading and speaking about books.Give books a chance!

Die Alternativ-Buchhandlung Wendepunkt
Der Josefigasse 1
am Lendplatz

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