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Anagram Bookshop, Prague

Anagram Bookshop Prague logo
Where? Prague, The Czech Republic


Recommended by
: Kelly Amabile

Visited: March 2008
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Kelly said: "Anagram is fantastic, located in a quiet courtyard behind the Týn church. "

Tucked away in a cellar of one of the old Baroque houses behind the Týn Cathedral in the capital of the Czech Republic, this lovely little shop has a large selection of English books to offer to its avid readers. Carefully selected and visibly laid out, the books on display make you feel like you've entered a world of words and letters that were just waiting to enchant you so you would become their permanent owner. The whole relaxed atmosphere of Anagram, with its rustic old-fashioned carpets, cellar walls and wooden shelves, just makes you feel like you are in a world remote from reality, a world where time has stopped and given way to books.

Anagram is a friendly bookshop where many people, among which many are expats, regularly meet eager for a good read, to chat with their friends or simply to enjoy a browse through some of the new arrivals. For the full feeling and experience of Anagram Bookshop, visit the 360 degree view of the store.

Anagram, a tiny bookstore consisting of two rooms in an old cellar on Týn Square, has a wide selection of both second hand and new books, historical books about Central and Eastern Europe, a more than satisfying fiction selection and some beautiful art and photography books. The staff is more than helpful and will take your order for any book that they don't have on stock. Prices at Anagram range from moderate to moderately high - but we do not need to stress out once more that Prague is generally not a cheap city, so Anagram actually belonged to the more price-friendly English bookstores we have visited in the city.

anagram bookstore prahaAnagram Bookshop
Týn 4
Anagram Bookshop Prague


Phone and Email:
00420 224 895 737

Working Hours:
Mon-Sat 10-21
Sun 10-19

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