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Mala Stanica, Skopje

Mala Stanica bookstore Skopje logo

Where? Skopje, Macedonia

Recommended by
Pavel Kreuziger

Pavel said: "This institution is primarily a gallery - having an opening almost each week. Besides watching pics and drinking anything drinkable in the neighbouring café with the same name, you can also buy some books, CDs and movies. You get a good selection of local and world authors both in Macedonian and English, you can also buy guides to Skopje, Macedonia or the whole Balkans area in various languages. And - in my humble subjective opinion - while reading your new book you can drink the best salep in Europe."

The Multimedia Centre Mala Stanica, as a newly included cultural “point” in the National Gallery of Macedonia, has a specific historical background in the structure of the modern city of Skopje, which in a characteristic way links different periods.

This unpretentious alternative café and bookstore shares a former railway warehouse with an art gallery and cultural center. The two-level space is furnished with comfy wide garden chairs, and serves coffee and light snacks to a discerning international crowd.

Mala Stanica is a multimedia center located in Skopje, south of the Ramstore Mall. Besides selling a variety of interesting books they organize various other festivities such as performances, exhibitions, concerts and music festivals.

Mala Stanica
Zeleznicka 18
(behind Ramstore)


+389(0) 2 3126-856

Working Hours:
Mon-Sun 10-22
*the bookstore usually doesn't have so long working hours,
but in case of an exposition opening it has

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