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Geonavtik, Ljubljana

Geonavtik bookstore Ljubljana logo
Where? Ljubljana, Slovenia

Recommended by Alan Grant

Alan said: "Another favourite of mine is GeoNavtik on Kongresni Trg in Ljubljana - a specialist travel bookshop with lots of good stuff about Slovenia and the rest of the world."

Geonavtik seems like a place for both sea lovers and travelers. It's a specialist bookshop which focuses its stock mainly on the sea and all the wonders that go with it. The bookstore is accompanied by a lovely café where many events, such as concerts of local bands, take place and it's praised for its coffee. Geonavtik also occasionally (usually once a month) hosts various travel thematic evenings where visitors can get enjoy different slide shows and book presentations.

The bookstore, map shop and a café, Geonavtik, located on the Congress Square in the very heart of Ljubljana, has a surprisingly large variety of travel books in both Slovene and English, maps, books on sailing and life at sea and nautical news publications. Furthermore, they have a large (decent) sized map collection for hiking and boating in Slovenia and Croatia. Next to the specialist books, atlases and maps, you can find various other books, especially those by Slovene authors - great if you wish to get acquainted with the local literature. The prices range from moderate to high (for foreign published material).

Geonavtik bookstore LjubljanaGeonavtik
Kongresni Trg 1
1000 Ljubljana


Phone and Email:
01 252 70 27

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:30-20:30
Sat 8:30-16

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