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Vale Novak, Ljubljana

Vale Novak bookstore Ljubljana logo
Where? Ljubljana, Slovenia

Recommended by
Kelly Amabile

Visited: January 2009
(Read more on Vale Novak in our Report from Ljubljana)

Kelly said: " The two Vale Novak bookstores I visited in Ljubljana also ranked high on my favorites list for this trip. At the shop on Wolfova I bought my very first Moleskine from a soft-spoken Slovenian woman. When I commented on how much I enjoyed the store, she handed me a small map with directions to their other location just a few blocks away. “Please go take a look,” she smiled. “It’s different and I think you will like it.” If you love fashion and design as much as books, then you shouldn’t miss it either. The shop on Zidovska contains several floors brimming with books, belts and handbags — hip clothing by American Apparel shares space with volumes on architecture, food and fashion. I can’t recall seeing a specific travel section, but I might have missed it as I drooled over stylish goods much too rich for my backpacker budget. What I do remember vividly are the oversized photos of Madonna, Alain de Botton and Jamie Oliver that I passed as I left — bewildered, impressed and empty-handed. (FYI, one bookstore in Ljubljana that does have a travel section is Kod&Kam; the entire tiny corner shop is a guidebook and map store.)"

Laid-back, well-organized bookshop with staff that are both friendly and helpful. Found a book that's got you tempted to buy hasn't quite sealed the deal yet? No problem. Make yourself comfortable in one of the cosy armchairs and have a more detailed flick through. There is real cafe feel about this place. Around a third of the books are in English language, and the range of topics is vast. The prices for the English books are a little higher than they are in original price, but not a lot. And, they even sell all your favorite magazines from home. Yep, even the men's favorites!

Website: http://www.vale-novak.si/

Vale Novak bookstore LjubljanaVale Novak (1)
Wolfova 8

Phone and Email:

+ 386 (0)1 422 34 10

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 10-22
Sat 10-17

Vale Novak (2)
Smartinska 152g

Phone and Email:
+ 386 (0)1 547 14 30

Working Hours:
Mon-Fri 9-21
Sat 8-21
Sun 9-15

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