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Carturesti, Bucharest

Carturesti logo

Where? Bucharest, Romania

Recommended by Virgil Ilian

Virgil said: "A really nice bookstore in Bucharest is Carturesti. Not only is it a very nice bookstore with a very nice atmosphere but it's also got a tea room (like a teashop). There are loads of others in Bucharest and in the country but this one is almost the only one with a dedicated atmosphere instead of being a shop that says "bookstore" on the front door like the others."

Carturesti bookstore in Bucharest is one of the most popular among young people. It is not only a bookstore, it is also a tearoom and a project space. They host over 300 cultural events (from concerts, book launches to exhibitions and other events) per year. It has a wide assortment of books - as well as custom made stationery. In the same building the bookstore has a teahouse where you can enjoy browsing through the books as you drink your tea, accompanied by music in the background. If you should have some questions, the helpful staff is always there for you. This is what the spirit of the bookstore is - or put it more commercially it's branding.

Carturesti Bookstore opened in the year 2000 and since then it expanded its locations throughout Bucharest and around the country. There are four locations in Bucharest, one in Arad, Constanta, Cluj, and two in Timisoara.

Carturesti bookstore BucharestCarturesti
Str. Arthur Verona nr. 13
(Next to Patria Cinema)


Phone and Email:
(+4021) 317-3459

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For the addresses of all Carturesti bookstores, see the official bookstore website.

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Raluca said...

da,mi-e dor de locul asta...imi amintesc ca si cei de la Diverta au incercat ceva asemanator;at least in Plazza RO:am descoperit o masa larga de lectura(un pic improvizata,dar asta-i farmacul,nu?),ceva canapele imprejur...ceva cititori performand pe ele...mi-a placut descrierea ta:))

Raluca said...

aaah,sory,now I see you are not romanians:I was just said that i miss this place,you described before,is a real special one,and other bookstores in Bucharest at least,try to re-create a bit of this atmosphere as well!nice blog!!

Anonymous said...

well, it's not just a bookshop, it's the bookshop.
this one has it all, with the most diverse selection of romanian and english books. the english fiction room stocks all represantive contemporary writers. prices are better than oposite competitors and they also aded the best selection of music and dvds available. you can have a cup of tea or take a walk through the beautiful space, because the house is over 100 years old and survived the communism.
forgot to mention, they also have a range of accesories dedicated to readers, bookmarks, glasses etc.
all Carturesti bookshops in Romania have the same concept, but a different design, so choose the one you like.