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Stauffacher Bookshop, Bern

Stauffacher Bookshop logo
Where? Bern, Switzerland

Recommended by Sabine from Bern

Sabine said: "In Bern (the capital of Switzerland) we have Stauffacher. What I personally think about it; Stauffacher has a big choice of books AND they have a department with English books as well. But I guess, they have French books as well and maybe in other languages. I am not English, so I can't give a right reference for English native speakers. I don't know if this shop is big enough for them. I only recommand it to my guests, when they need English books in Bern."

Stauffacher’s Bookshop is one of the largest booksellers in the German-speaking world and the biggest in Switzerland. Their strengths are the unrivaled range of stock titles, specialist departments and the multi-lingual outlook. A mixture of bookselling competence and innovation make them one of the best choices to meet all your private and professional needs. To complement this, they are supported by the latest in computer technology. In addition, they also offer a wide range of software, games, videos and DVDs and gifts.

Stauffacher Bookshop BernStauffacher Bookshop
Entrance Neuengasse 25 - 37
Entrance Ryffligässchen 8
Entrance Splendid (Von Werdt-Passage 8)

: http://www.stauffacher.ch

Phone and Email:
031 313 63 63

Working Hours:
Mon-Wed 9-18:30
Thur 9-21
Fri 9-18:30
Sat 8-16

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